Friday, February 25, 2011

"Everyones Blood is Red and everyones Tears are Salty"

We are born in this Cosmic within the four corners with diferrent colours, different shapes and at different time. But we are all same and we are all bound to face the same taste of destiny. Presently, we may become colourful, we may differ in shapes and size depending upon the size of pocket but at the end of the day what we count is are we different or we are same at the root. At one time one may rise high but the other moment one may have to face the doom. We are all same, composed of flesh and blood.....we are born, we are bound to return to the same soil we reap the food today. Respect eachother for the commonnality and respect as fellow beings. There is no use competitng and being selfish. Everyones life is precious and everyone aspires is for happiness. Make and Let the other one to be happy if one wants to be happy. Lets Remember, if we bisect each individual what would we see is the BLOOD is RED. There is no different colour in blood for different individuals. Everyone is equal and eveyone is same. The World around individual seems different for we have become the reflection of the architecture of the modernization. We are forgeting our originality..........................Everyone have equal right


  1. Yes you are absolutely right. We are all the same - flesh and bones - and we all only want to be happy - it's as simple as that so there is no room for jealously but instead we should rejoice at each other's successes in finding happiness as they occur.

  2. thank you is worth hearing others points....too....that will always help me to write better hence.......