Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"How Genuine is our Words of Appreciation"

Handshakes here, handshakes there, you did it, you made it, thats great, choe rang drasa.....Tashi Delek Sum Yoe mey.....but such things are mere words....are some of the seemingly words of appreciation that flows in between the conversations in our daily life. But, how genuine are this words, how true are we to our words. Making others happy with fake words indeed, i feel is sin. Duel thoughts, the cognitive dissonance is created here whereby, we create a wider path to a dark path. We assume that we have pleased someone with words seemingly appreciation. But how clear are our conscience. In the meantime, you start throwing unpleasant words at the back.....could have done like that..should not have done like that..... Your seemingly sweet words is actually vieled under your greed to be helped or want. It is no use, covering the throns by cotten....for we know inside it is always thorn that will wound us. We are accustomed in saying words to please others but insincere appreciation. How true are we to ourselves and what is the use of pleasing if our own conscience is not clear. Insincere appreciation would be better be unspelled than carry a load with blurred conscience. Words with clear conscience and sincerity sounds better and good. We create two faces, vieling the true faces to get things done or fulfil ones desire indeed. Truth once spoken would be better than....words spoken with adulterated feelings.....Happiness of others is also our Happiness at the end!!!!! Give True words of appreciation with clear conscience.....that will make a balanced.....Environment to Dwell..let once...good nature shine than fade away....
"All a man can betray is his conscience." ~ Joseph Conrad


  1. It a gud article and worth reading. It is really a thing that i love expressing at this time of life.
    and there is good saying too.

  2. dear........bro......thank you for your good words ...but......hop this are a good words.....appreciation......ur words will make me move further,....to always write......thnx la