Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wonder...what goes in our this mundane world. People are bogged down with the win-lose determination, the mindset to compete. Many words are exchanged, yet all are self-centered. If you are working in one of the organization, where you have to deal with many people is obvious you will observe....people with different faces diverse or unusual faces. Trying to impress their immediate bosses who would rate your performance that will build your bucks at the end. This is where people love money than everything. People have started to give priority and off course their affection to materials. They never consider their co-inhabitants around who help them make their trip successful. they never weigh the importance of someone who is there to help them rather goes on snatching the far end rope. "Lasola.....Tub Tub..cha Zhu Ghay La", several times bowing the heads like hop-pi, as if to the air.....are these sycophancy man/women.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"As a father"

Father is the first man .a girl sees and the first best fren a boy can have....... Have you thought of becoming a father? How many of you know the responsibility of being a father? Then are you prepared to serve as a father?You cannot deny that you are tired, you need to sacrifice hunger, thirst and also your physical impairment (cold, heat and else). One have to smile in gloom, welcome the sadness of your children, one cannot forgo the ignorance of your children. One have to quench their thirsts, hunger and cold at cost of your being.  You have to make your lineage a good one as " Pha Daesa Bu", make them serve your offspring.One cannot just let things pass like that.......One should be responsible for ones own creation. this particular Photo has a lots of message veiled......just put oneself inside and reflect upon.......Marriage is a happiness indeed that comes with responsibilities and should display a marital model than a divorce model. One should listen, act, dance, speak and always be on move. You cannot enjoy the beautiful dream of your nap. The noise should be music, tears be seen as silver rays, grinning face as smile and always be ready to....say Yes for demands. "Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad." There is no more Silence.....i always remember how my late father used to smile in midst of turmoil, never said...i don't want....always gave the best....example..was never tired of works, never ignorant.....quiet and loving...jolly...known for his humor,.....even a small kid could be his fren.....caring to his children......Lovey.....loving and my mother.....i Salute to my father...and...wish to have all man to see as a good father....a responsible.....and a model for children...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Riding on Scootor early Winter"

If given a choice to ride on a car and a scooter, which would you choose. Obviously, maximum would point to the cozy car, and few would the scooter.
I just got up early in the morning to move to my destiny, My dear was already starting his 20 year old scooter, waving his legs up and down, indeed it was a good exercise for him that have helped to lose a little pound of his...fats..otherwise a little GNH bag might have gathered around him. He passed me the Helmet, and got on his carcotor.....he began to accelerate his move....where i hold on to his arms.....hold tighter then....we were already flying in the fresh, cold morning was winter....where one would succumbed to death if happen to remain frozen the over night......but he was my heartthrob, my man who did not complain about what, how and where we were going....He just asked me.."are you feeling cold", which i said no..i am is beautiful experience to ride..on scooter..that makes us close to nature, can feel the nature and off course feel the warmth of my dear....just imagine holding tight to your beloved and around you is the warm, crystal wide, fresh welcome by the nature....the momentary joy also reminded of our destiny.....the destiny is same after all despite the different means to reach the destiny.......what matter is how much we enjoy and how much we are connected to the is a awesome experience to ride .......on two wheelers, a open space area..than to ride on a close, compact car......but it was a brief journey. "It is beautiful.......and it would be wonderful to ride in spring, summer and autumn to come...." ...just waiting for the moment to ride again.....

"How Genuine is our Words of Appreciation"

Handshakes here, handshakes there, you did it, you made it, thats great, choe rang drasa.....Tashi Delek Sum Yoe mey.....but such things are mere words....are some of the seemingly words of appreciation that flows in between the conversations in our daily life. But, how genuine are this words, how true are we to our words. Making others happy with fake words indeed, i feel is sin. Duel thoughts, the cognitive dissonance is created here whereby, we create a wider path to a dark path. We assume that we have pleased someone with words seemingly appreciation. But how clear are our conscience. In the meantime, you start throwing unpleasant words at the back.....could have done like that..should not have done like that..... Your seemingly sweet words is actually vieled under your greed to be helped or want. It is no use, covering the throns by cotten....for we know inside it is always thorn that will wound us. We are accustomed in saying words to please others but insincere appreciation. How true are we to ourselves and what is the use of pleasing if our own conscience is not clear. Insincere appreciation would be better be unspelled than carry a load with blurred conscience. Words with clear conscience and sincerity sounds better and good. We create two faces, vieling the true faces to get things done or fulfil ones desire indeed. Truth once spoken would be better than....words spoken with adulterated feelings.....Happiness of others is also our Happiness at the end!!!!! Give True words of appreciation with clear conscience.....that will make a balanced.....Environment to Dwell..let once...good nature shine than fade away....
"All a man can betray is his conscience." ~ Joseph Conrad