Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"As a father"

Father is the first man .a girl sees and the first best fren a boy can have....... Have you thought of becoming a father? How many of you know the responsibility of being a father? Then are you prepared to serve as a father?You cannot deny that you are tired, you need to sacrifice hunger, thirst and also your physical impairment (cold, heat and else). One have to smile in gloom, welcome the sadness of your children, one cannot forgo the ignorance of your children. One have to quench their thirsts, hunger and cold at cost of your being.  You have to make your lineage a good one as " Pha Daesa Bu", make them serve your offspring.One cannot just let things pass like that.......One should be responsible for ones own creation. this particular Photo has a lots of message veiled......just put oneself inside and reflect upon.......Marriage is a happiness indeed that comes with responsibilities and should display a marital model than a divorce model. One should listen, act, dance, speak and always be on move. You cannot enjoy the beautiful dream of your nap. The noise should be music, tears be seen as silver rays, grinning face as smile and always be ready to....say Yes for demands. "Any man can be a father.  It takes someone special to be a dad." There is no more Silence.....i always remember how my late father used to smile in midst of turmoil, never said...i don't want....always gave the best....example..was never tired of works, never ignorant.....quiet and loving...jolly...known for his humor,.....even a small kid could be his fren.....caring to his children......Lovey.....loving and my mother.....i Salute to my father...and...wish to have all man to see as a good father....a responsible.....and a model for children...

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