Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Riding on Scootor early Winter"

If given a choice to ride on a car and a scooter, which would you choose. Obviously, maximum would point to the cozy car, and few would the scooter.
I just got up early in the morning to move to my destiny, My dear was already starting his 20 year old scooter, waving his legs up and down, indeed it was a good exercise for him that have helped to lose a little pound of his...fats..otherwise a little GNH bag might have gathered around him. He passed me the Helmet, and got on his carcotor.....he began to accelerate his move....where i hold on to his arms.....hold tighter then....we were already flying in the fresh, cold morning air.......it was winter....where one would succumbed to death if happen to remain frozen the over night......but he was my heartthrob, my man who did not complain about what, how and where we were going....He just asked me.."are you feeling cold",...to which i said no..i am enjoying......it is beautiful experience to ride..on scooter..that makes us close to nature, can feel the nature and off course feel the warmth of my dear....just imagine holding tight to your beloved and around you is the warm, crystal wide, fresh welcome by the nature....the momentary joy also reminded of our destiny.....the destiny is same after all despite the different means to reach the destiny.......what matter is how much we enjoy and how much we are connected to the nature........it is a awesome experience to ride .......on two wheelers, a open space area..than to ride on a close, compact car......but it was a brief journey. "It is beautiful.......and it would be wonderful to ride in spring, summer and autumn to come...." ...just waiting for the moment to ride again.....

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