Thursday, March 10, 2011


Wonder...what goes in our this mundane world. People are bogged down with the win-lose determination, the mindset to compete. Many words are exchanged, yet all are self-centered. If you are working in one of the organization, where you have to deal with many people is obvious you will observe....people with different faces diverse or unusual faces. Trying to impress their immediate bosses who would rate your performance that will build your bucks at the end. This is where people love money than everything. People have started to give priority and off course their affection to materials. They never consider their co-inhabitants around who help them make their trip successful. they never weigh the importance of someone who is there to help them rather goes on snatching the far end rope. "Lasola.....Tub Tub..cha Zhu Ghay La", several times bowing the heads like hop-pi, as if to the air.....are these sycophancy man/women.

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